Why my website isn't all glossy.......

Well, for ages I tried to get someone to do my website. Over the years I have asked lots of people – all completely lovely – but the second the technical talk started I could feel myself breaking into a sweat. Domain names, hosts, HTML (what is HTML!!!), what sort of feel, what sort of image….. I had no idea. I couldn’t even decide what colour I wanted – what if I changed my mind?? I do that a lot. And, I’m a control freak. So, I decided to do a course at the local TAFE/College and work it out for myself. I signed up, paid my fee and got all excited about the lunch that would be provided. It ran over two Tuesdays, which is my worst aftertnoon logistics wise, but I arranged for the kids to be dropped off here there and everywhere.

I was ready!

Then they cancelled due to lack of interest...

So, in a bit of a strop I headed to Officeworks and bought a box – it was empty when I opened it apart from a number and instruction book. I thought they had forgotten to put whatever should be in the box in, but instead of making a fool of myself by taking it back, I did what no man ever does and read the instructions, logged in and suddenly I was sorting out colours and headers and….

Now, I know it is a touch messy. I’m aware that it looks like something the children used to make out of egg boxes and bring home from kindergarten (beautiful darling, what did you say that it was?)  but I am having fun with it and loving learning about widgets and HTML ( I still don’t fully understand what it is)  and wrapping text around images. So, that’s why it’s not all glossy and professional – but one day it will be (unless the MrSite people de-list me for using their helpline too much – I’m there all the time).